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About Gezinnig

Gezinnig is a Dutch brand established in 2008 by Rianne van Essen. Our mission is to encourage more connection between child and parent in a playful way. The collection of products consists of cheerful Chatbooks and handy Planningtools for children (3 – 12 years) that facilitate communication between child and parent and strengthen the relationship between them.

For consumers

Our English range currently consists of Sleepchat 4+, Sleepchat 6+ and Checkpad (daily planner) in three different colours. In the summer of 2024 we’re expecting Weekpeek, a magnetic weekly planner for children.

You can buy our products in the Gezinnig web shop, but the website is in Dutch and the shipping costs for a small package to non-EU countries are considerable. We recommend finding a shop, online or physical, where you live. If your favourite book or toy shop doesn’t carry our products yet, feel free to let them know about Faire.com,  where retailers can purchase our products.

For resellers

Our English range currently consists of Sleepchat 4+, Sleepchat 6+ and Checkpad (daily planner) in three different colours. In the summer of 2024 we’re expecting Weekpeek, a magnetic weekly planner for children.

Are you interested in selling our products? Please visit Faire.com. Faire is the online marketplace where retailers discover their next bestsellers from independent brands across the globe.

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Daily planner Checkpad


Daily planner Checkpad​


Daily planner Checkpad​


Weekly planner

For 1 child

Weekly planner

For 2 children

Weekly planner

For 3 children

Sleepchat 4+

SleepChat 4+ is a special diary for children and their parents. You go through the images and questions together to talk about your day. What happened today and how did it make you feel? Every page also has a nice task to complete before saying goodnight. These allow you to spend some time just being together. Suitable for 4-7 years.

Since using SleepChat, we hear a lot more about what they have been doing at school. Bedtime has even become something to enjoy!”

Mother of two

A fantastic book with great games and talking points. A nice, relaxing way to end the day. Highly recommended!

Kek Mama

Sleepchat 6+

Fill in a page with your child before bedtime. How many stars do you give today? What made it a great day? Are you looking forward to tomorrow? The diary features recurring questions on every page as well as a surprising task. The playful questions and tasks make it easier for children to express how they are feeling and what they are thinking. SleepChat is a practical tool that helps your child process their day and gives them a chunk of time during which they get your undivided attention. Suitable for 6+ years.

No fuss about going to bed, for the first time ever! The book is challenging and playful. Really really good.

Mother of two

Empty your head before going to sleep with this original day and night book.

FLOW Magazine


Daily planner for morning and evening routines (3+)

Checkpad is a physical to-do list. Children and parents can see at a glance what needs to be done. Simply turn the wheel halfway, from coloured to white, when each task is completed. Together with your child, decide which magnets to use. What can they do independently? What do they struggle with? What do they always forget? And what do they want to learn? The front of the pad (with the magnets on the left) is for the morning and the reverse (magnets on the right) is for the afternoon and evening.

You can gradually add new tasks for your child to perform independently as they get older. Over time, your child will learn to do some tasks without Checkpad. Job done! You can then select alternative tasks to add to the list, of course. Checkpad is light and sturdy enough to be carried throughout the home, so each task can be checked off immediately.

The magnets feature clear illustrations to represent the most common tasks and activities from daytime into evening – sometimes in duplicate, so you can use them for morning and evening without moving magnets around. You’ll find an explanation for each illustration on the reverse of these instructions. Remember, you can always use your own interpretation. For example, you could use the “go to the toilet” magnet for “don’t forget to flush”. You can also draw your own tasks on the blank magnets with a waterproof marker pen. 

Here you find some illustrations for tasks you can draw yourselves.

About the owner

In 2008, Rianne van Essen established the Dutch brand Gezinnig, a subtraction of the words family (gezin) and meaningful (zinnig). After becoming a mother, she combined her background in communication with entrepreneurship as part of a clear mission: to increase connection between children and parents.

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